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About Know-core

Know-core is a scientific platform that was created from investigative experience in both the public and private sectors.

Know-core has been created with the OBJECTIVE to be the partner of trust of investigators and technicians with the definition, development and industrialisation projects in I+D+I and to support investigators and technicians during the stages of their research that require scientific writing.

Preparation in project application, drafting of results and memos that are required for publication in magazines or presentation in congress, the work that requires a lot of time and also takes the investigator away from the experimental phase of their investigation.

The MISSION of Know-core is to contribute to the understanding of the scientific importance of the projects.

The VALUES are centred around guaranteeing the scientific/technical quality and linguistic content also to boost scientific production during the busy periods.

What we offer


Know-core offers preparation of scientific documents into SPANISH, ITALIAN AND ENGLISH drafted and revised by professional natives.

Areas of Knowledge:

  • Agriculture and Fisheries
  • Molecular Biology
  • Cellular Biology
  • Histopathology
  • Reproductive Biology
  • Biotechnologhy

Solutions designed for…


Do you have the results ready? You haven’t the time to sit down and write the article/report?
Know-core is available to do the drafting of the article we offer

  • Revise the scientific literature.
  • Write:
    • Abstract
    • Introduction
    • Materials and methods from raw protocols
    • Results from images, graphics and statistical analysis
    • Discussion and conclusion maintaining faith with your ideas and the concepts on which you wish to remark
  • Edit the article during the process of revision

Know-core will draft and edit the contents of your poster or presentation according to your individual tastes.

Would you like your web page to be always up-to-date so it was a dynamic and modern source of disclosure?
Know-core offers to include and update in a dynamic manner the information that your group/centre wants to appear on your web page. We offer contents centred around the latest projects and studies done by yourselves also profiles and interviews of the investigators.

Technological Centres and Businesses

Tecnicians need help with the proposals? Are there notes to write up? The waiting work doesn’t fit within the distribution of work for the technicians at the centre?
Know-core will be there to draft the technical/scientific contents of the proposals during the busy periods

Technical Surveillance has become a task that often generates fruitless and unstimulating results?
Know-core offers you the up-dating of your literary resources conducting searches in areas of knowledge that interest you the most with the periodicity that you require. Know-core also offers the drafting of articles to share the results of the surveillance

Is your business going to launch a new product on the market? Do you want to present a new production technique to your customers?
Know-core will draft for you the text you need to inform your customers both by the preparation of contents for your web page for example data sheets and also illustrative brochures.

You can count on Know-core for the preparation and normal work procedures for the standardization of process in your department.

Specialist Magazines

Are you looking for collaborators to enrich your magazine?
Know-core is available for preparation of monographs and interviews of the investigators. We also offer coverage about congress and working days.

Tell us what you need

Know-core have thought of solutions for your activities according to our own experience, however if you think know-core can help you in other ways please contact us so we can prepare something made-to-measure for you.

Ask us about our translation services for documents in Spanish, English and Italian and for our products in Catalan and Portugese.

Rates, Prices and Methods of Payment

Know-core offers you rates and prices which are flexible and personalised to your needs. You can ask us for a quote without compromising yourself.

Work with us

Know-core would like to enlarge its areas of knowledge, so if you are an interpreter, translator or have accredited scientific training in various languages don’t hesitate to contact us.


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